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One of our fine shed models.We have been building homes and sheds in Florida for over 35 years. This means we’re from the old school where we work for customer satisfaction while building above and beyond the local building codes. Everything we build is engineered to a minimum of 140 mile per hour wind codes. We take care of all the planning and zoning requirements and permitting. We give you a two year structural warranty in writing at the signing of the contract.

We will build you any size structure that fits your needs on your lot. We build you what is called the dry-in that consists of a “Foundation” of a concrete slab or a pressure treated floor system on pilings with hurricane auger anchors in the ground. Next is the “Framing” all walls inside and out are 16″ on center which have all the hurricane clips and straps and engineered trusses. When your building is assembled by our people that take pride in their work, it makes it as strong as any wood custom built home.

When that phase is completed, next comes the shingles then the windows and wood siding then the exterior doors. Then, after the exterior is sealed and painted the entire job is cleaned and some landscaping is done to complete the job. And if you wish we would be happy to give you a list of some of the sub-contractors to finish the interior to your needs.

These buildings have many potential uses, such as:

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